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Viking Games for 2 People


Location: Hereford

Minimum Group Size: 2

Availability: 7 days a week

Duration: Allow up to 3 hours

Minimum Age: 14

For safety the event may be cancelled in extreme weather conditions

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Axe Throwing

Learn axe throwing with expert guidance, safety briefing and basic marksmanship skills. Hit the target range and hurl your axe at a variety of different sized targets. Unleash your inner warrior testing your accuracy with this thrilling axe throwing experience!


Looking for a thrilling challenge? Try archery! Our experienced instructors will guide you through using lightweight training bows and arrows to hit your targets. No need to dress up like Robin Hood to give it a try!


Stige is a game that can be played by multiple players, with each player being given three Bolle’s to wrap around three rungs of the Stige ladder, which score different points. The winner is the first person to reach 21 points. Though it may seem simple, Stige requires a high skill level of eye-hand coordination and a bit of luck.


Kubb is a traditional Viking outdoor game popular in Sweden. It’s played by two to twelve people and involves knocking down opponents’ Kubbs using batons. The teams aim to knock down the King to win. Kubb is perfect for all ages, but mastering the game takes time. It’s a great game for friends and family to enjoy


Bullrings is a modernised throwing game that originated in remote regions of Scandinavia years ago. The objective is to get five horseshoe hooks in a row, similar to connect 4 and quoits, requiring good hand-to-eye co-ordination and patience.


Molkky is an ancient Finnish outdoor game that promotes teamwork and physical activity. With strategy and mental arithmetic, it’s great for spending time with family and friends. Originally used by Vikings to determine battlefield positions, Molkky is now a fun way to get moving and have fun. So ditch electronics and grab some logs for a unique and memorable game!

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All our vouchers are fully flexible and can be redeemed against our huge range of experiences.

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