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Footgolf for 2 People


Minimum Group Size: 2

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Availability: Most venues are open 7 days a week

Location: Berkshire, Brighton, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Denbigshire, Dorset, Durham, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester, Hampshire, Hereford, Merseyside, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, South Glamorgan, South Yorkshire, Swansea, West Lothian and Yorkshire

For safety the event may be cancelled in extreme weather conditions

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Play Footgolf, a unique sport that combines golf and football for an exciting and memorable experience. Battle it out with friends or family to be the winner. Using only your feet, aim to get the ball in the hole in the fewest shots possible. It’s a fun and quirky way to be active and enjoy the outdoors. Footgolf is an addictive sport that combines the best of both worlds.

Additional information

Location & Course

Gloucestershire – 12 Holes, Dorset – 18 Holes, Brighton – 9 Holes, South Glamorgan – 9 Holes, West Lothian – 18 Holes, Yorkshire – 12 Holes, Merseyside – 9 Holes, Merseyside – 18 Holes, Greater Manchester – 9 Holes, Greater Manchester – 18 Holes, Buckinghamshire – 9 Holes, Durham – 18 Holes, Cornwall – 18 Holes, Denbighshire – 9 Holes, Nottinghamshire – 18 Holes, Oxfordshire – 18 Holes, Berkshire – 9 Holes, South Yorkshire – 9 Holes, Hampshire – 18 Holes, Swansea – 9 Holes, Hereford – 18 Holes

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All our vouchers are fully flexible and can be redeemed against our huge range of experiences.

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